Amazon Uses Drone, We Use JetPacks

Aug 8, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Amazon wants to use drones to deliver its products, but Apollo Energy Gum is already using JetPacks!!


Check out this amazing delivery service of Apollo Energy Gum to 7-Eleven! Apollo is expanding their delivery service, so if you want a jetpack to show up on your doorstep, make sure to visit Apollo Energy Gum's website:

Jet P.I. LLC DBA Apollo Flight Labs was created 12 years ago to research, design, and build what was once a childhood dream of founder Troy Widgery. The goal of Jet P.I. was to build a lighter, faster, more economical and longer-flying jetpack than the original built by Bell Aerosystems in the 1960s. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, materials, and engineering along with incredible passion, determination and an extreme amount of work, Jet P.I. has developed the world’s most advanced personal flying machine. Today, the Apollo JetPacks (the former GO FAST! JetPack) have flown for events held around the world and has been featured on the BBC, the Today Show, Fox News and many other national and international programs, and have attracted the attention of millions of viewers in the promotion of countless products.

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