Turkey Boogie/GGBY Teaser

Jun 4, 2017 -- Posted by : admin


Every year the BASE jumping community comes together to raise money for Search & Rescue. The event is called "Turkey Boogie", as if occurs during Thanksgiving. At this year's Turkey Boogie event, our production team crossed paths with the "GGBY" slacklining event, a separate event occurring simultaneously outside of Moab, UT.

Watch what happens when two different but equally extreme sports disciplines collide in to one epic movie. COMING SOON!

All the awesome people who filmed and contributed to this year's fundraising documentary: Allie Mac, DeRz, Katie Cook, Mike Chum, AJ Stuyvenberg, Benoit Crance, Catherine Kennedy, Chris Mort, David Rosenfield, Fritts McKnuck, Hank Preiest, Jed Cowser, Joe Nesbitt, Joel Lenz, John Hartberg, JP Onorato, Karl Lips, Kyle Horton, Landon Dernberger, Luke Hively, Mark Rickert, Mavs Alton, Mick Hill, Mike Cordle, Nate Olsen, Peter Konrad, Tom Grayson, Tomas D, Tony Chewier, Walter Wooten, Маршалл Хаусс, and Tyson Preyer.

Is your name missing from the credits or misspelled? Contact us so we can correct it!

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