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WOWS is a competition series comprised of Regionals leading to a Championship, that combines the critical elements of wingsuit flight to improve skills on group wingsuit jumps. The WOWS series helps pilots to develop advanced skills for formation flying, speed tasks, and efficiency tasks. It is an open competition which any qualified pilot may enter. The spirit of the WOWS aims to foster a fair, exciting, and skill-relevant format that increases your level of wingsuit piloting. Every WOWS event has two competitions: Speed, and Distance.

SPONSORS: Squirrel, Echobox, Fly Sight, Comply, Ragged Mounts, Key Smart, Skydive Perris, & Negative4 Productions.

COMPETITORS: Chris Geiler Alexey Galda Justin Duclos Keith Forsyth Luke Rogers Jason Bresson Todd Davis Camilo Lopez Lori Butz Brendan Weinstein Per Bjíźrn Poulsen Travis Mickle Chris Byrnes Kristian A Szczepitko Tony Uragallo Blair Egan Rameshwer Jangra Will Kitto Matt Gerdes Yegor Orlov Abraham Sheppard James Bilodeau Joe Nesbitt Marcelo Zoni Randy Seib Stephanie Dorough Simon Repton Brandon T Aleshire Anthony TJ Landgren Andrew Swint Evan Severson Ryan Clough

Event coordinator: Joe Ridler

Event hosted at Skydive Perris in Perris, CA

produced/edited by Negative4 -

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